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Distances between portsDistances between ports
Inland WaterwaysInland Waterways
Inland PortsInland Ports
on Odra River
on Warta River

  Inland shipping
Stretch of waterway Class Depth [m] Width [m] Max. air draught Locks (dimensions) [m x m] Max. deadweight of barges [t] Navigational period [days] Ports Remarks
The Odra River
Gliwice CanalIII2.5038-414.09 m - bridge at 24.63 km6 (71.5 x 12) 270Gliwice Kędzierzyn Koźlelocal shallows up to 2.50m
Odra from 98.1 km to 208.1kmIII1.8028-453.56 m A) - rail bridge in Opole15 (187.0 x 9.6) 1 (190.0 x 12.0) 13 (55.0 x 9.6)700275Chorula - Górażdże Metalchem Opole - Grotowicelocal bends
Odra from 208.1 km to 282.6 kmIII1.8030-503.72 m A) - bridge in Oława7 (187.0 x 9.6) 3 (220.0 x 12.0) 4 (55.0 X 9.6)700275Miejski - Wrocław Popowice - Wrocławlocal bends
Odra from 282.6 km to 542.4 kmII1.80*)453.72 m A) - bridge in Cigacice-500275***)Malczyce, Ścinawa, Głogów-Katedralny, Głogów-Handlowy, Nowa Sól, Cigacice, Krosono Odrzańskielocal shallows
Odra from 542.4 km to 617.6 kmII*)of shipping lane- 30 mB)3.67 mA) - bridge in Kostrzyn (615,1 km)-500309Słubice -584.1 Frankfurt - 586.0-
Odra from 617.6 km to 667.2 kmIII*)of shipping lane- 40 mB)4.14 mA) - bridge in Siekierki (653.9 km)-700317--
Odra from 667.2 km to 697.0 kmIII*)of shipping lane- 40 mB)5.55 mA) - bridge in Krajnik Dolny (690.5 km)-1,000317Bielinek - 677.1-
Odra from 697.0 km to 704.1 kmVb*)of shipping lane- 50 mB)--1,500348--
Odra Wschodnia (Eastern Odra) from 704.1 km to 730.5kmVb3.50**)of shipping lane- 50 mB)5.17 mA)- bridge in Gryfino (718,18 km)-1,500321--
Regalica from 730.5 to 741.6 kmVb4.00**)of shipping lane- 50 mB)2.96 mA) - stable bay bridge in Szczecin Podjuchy (733.7 km)-1,500331--
of lift bay bridge 12.73 m6.20 mA) - lift bay bridge in Szczecin Podjuchy (733.7km)
of navigable bay bridge 35 m 5.96 m - bridge in Szczecin Podjuchy (734.6km)
Dąbie Lake main fairway from Regalia to CzapinaVb2.50**)---1,000298--
Przekop Klucz -Ustowo from 0.0 km (Regalica 730.5km) to 2.8 km (Odra Zachodnia 29.8)Vb2.50**)of shipping lane- 50 mB) --1,000336--
Odra Zachodnia (Western Odra) from 3.0 km **) (Odra 704.1km) to 36.55kmVb4.00**)of shipping lane- 50 mB)1) 3.78 mA) - bridge in Szczecin (35.95 km) 2) 3.40 mA) - bridge in Szczecin (35.95 km)-1,500324--
of navigable bay bridge-12.6 m 17.5 m
The Wisła-Odra Waterway
Warta from 68.2 km to 0.0 kmII1.50653.90 m - bridge in Kostrzyn n.Odrą (56.35 km)-500260Kostrzyn-
Noteć from 226.1 km to 177.2 kmII1.30354.00 m - bridge in Trzebicz (197.72 km)-400260-local shallows up to 1.0 m, curves (R<250m)
Noteć from 177.2 km to 38.9 kmIb1.10304.16 m - bridge Drawski Młyn (170.38 km)14 (57.4 x 9.60)400245Ujście Krzyż-
Bydgoszcz CanalII1.70303.78 m - bridge Osowa Góra (20.97 km)6 (57.4 x 9.60)400245--
BrdaII1.10303.26 m - bridge Łęgnowo (3.1 km)1 (57.4 x 9.60) 1 (115 x 12)400245Bydgoszcz-
The Wisła River
Wisła from 771.4 km to 908.6 kmII2.203502.80 m - bridge in Fordon-500260-shallows up to 0.8m
Wisła from 908.6 km to 941.3 kmIV4.50350--1.000260--
Wisła Gdańska from 0.0 km to 18.23 kmV2.50350-1 (190 x 12)1.500260--

*) variable transit depth of the shipping lane, depending on water level indicated by the water-gauges appropriate for particular waterway sections
**) fixed transit depth of the shipping lane (fixed transit depth is set only for canals or canalized river sections, as well as for river estuary areas where the effect of sea backwater is constant and the effect of water flow from the drainage area is negligible)
***) navigation period is changeable, depended on hydrological-meteorological conditions on Odra river
A) the vertical clearance specified in proportion to the High Water Mark level on a water-gauge appropriate for particular waterway sections; regulations prohibit navigation if the level is exceeded
B) specified minimum width required for a waterway section of a particular class; the width of the shipping lane in free-flowing rivers is variable in particular sections and depends upon the type of river regulation; fixed width occurs only in artificial canals
1) in the middle part of the arched span at the width of 12,6 m
2) for the entire span width

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