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  Magazine Baltic Transport Journal
The Baltic Transport Journal is an English-language edited business magazine covering transport in the Baltic Sea area. BTJ presents articles, analysis, comments and interviews. It concentrates on topics regarding transport management issues, trends in transportation, market changes and sea politics of the European Union.

BTJ's main target of subscribers is middle and higher management from: sea ports, shipping companies, forwarders, brokers, ships' agents, logistics operators, land transport operators, airports, airlines, international economic organisations, national and local governments, governmental agendas, consultancies, academies and universities.

The Baltic Transport Journal is available via subscription in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Finland as well as in Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and the United States.

THE BALTIC TRANSPORT JOURNAL READERS PROFILE: sea ports and terminals - 48,4 %, ship-owners and consultants - 22%, shipping lines - 3,8%, media houses, PR agencies, media monitoring companies, press distributors - 3,7%, universities personnel and libraries - 16,7%, others - 5,4 %.
Distribution: 70% abroad, 30% Poland
Circulation 2000-2500
Price of subscription 75 EUR + VAT

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