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Körting water jet ejectors, with its high suction capacity, do all critical pumping jobs on board of a ship:

  • Körting has the right bilge pump for emptying inaccessible storage and ballast tanks, or conveying solids on long dredger suction heads;
  • Körting ejectors are also used as an essential component in sweat water production plants on sea.

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    Badenstedter Strasse 56, 30453 Hannover
    Phone: +49 5112129-0, fax: +49 511 2129-223

    Drzewo kategorii: maszynownia / balast / pompy balastowe

    Piston and Plunger Pumps


    Piston and Plunger Pumps (Models U-TT, U-HH, U-QQ)
    Duplex piston pumps with horizontal cylinders, wetted parts in sea water resistant bronze or stainless steel, splash lubricated speed reducing helical gear box with forced oil lubricating pump for operation in extremely inclined positions. For pumping sea water as bilge pump, ballast pump or trim pump.
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    ABEL GmbH & Co. Kg
    Abel-Twiete 1, 21514 Büchen, GERMANY
    phone: (++) 49 4155/818-0, fax: (++) 49 4155/818-299

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