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Experts from across the industry take part in 4th Basra Oil & Gas International Exhibition & Conference

Informacje firmowe, 2013-10-01
The Basra Oil & Gas International Exhibition & Conference is now in its fourth consecutive year, having doubled in size year-on-year, as access to Iraq`s lucrative market becomes increasingly of interest for global oil and gas companies.
Basra Oil & Gas International Conference provides a unique platform where oil & gas industry companies gather to discuss core issues and to present an important networking opportunity for the regional and international oil & gas community as the event continues to be the largest oil & gas industry exhibition in Iraq.
Internationally acclaimed experts from across the oil and gas sector will be addressing the challenges and opportunities in the Iraqi market, at the upcoming 4th Basra Oil & Gas International Exhibition Conference. The conference will provide the opportunity for delegates to understand more about the landscape of Iraq`s oil and gas fields, as well as hearing from internationally acclaimed experts.

Speakers from Rumulia, Shell, General Electric and South Oil Company (SOC) will put forward their views on Iraq O & G production, technology, health & safety, laws & regulations, petrochemicals and many other topics related to the conference theme `Iraq: The Hub of Future Energy`.

Industry veteran, Mr. Falah Al-Kahawaja, ex-director general of State Company for Oil Project, will manage the conference, bringing his wealth and experience of Iraq`s growing influence to the event. Mr. Falah Al-Kahawaja said:`This conference provides an unrivalled opportunity for the oil and gas industry to understand more about Iraq and the expectations for the future. It is a complex market to navigate, and we want to provide a platform that gives local, regional and international companies interested in doing business in Iraq somewhere to share knowledge, experience and insight.`
Basra Oil & Gas International Exhibition & Conference will take place from 5 - 8 December 2013, at Basra International Fair Ground. Submissions can be made by filling out the online form on the Basra Oil & Gas exhibition official website,
For further information, visit

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