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New World Record with SPMTs from SCHEUERLE

Informacje firmowe, 2012-12-21

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From left: the Managing Director of Guinness World Records, Mr. Alistair Richards, President of Almajdouie Group, Mr. Abdullah Almajdouie and Vice President Logistics Mr. S. I. Mustafa.
With the transport of a 5,000 t evaporation plant on SCHEUERLE SPMTs in Saudi Arabia, Almajdouie Logistics has secured an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The largest evaporation plant in the world, produced by the South Korean manufacturer Doosan Heavy Industries, is approximately the size of an entire football pitch and weighs about the same as 5,000 medium-sized cars. It is just one of a total of 8 facilities which were shipped from the factory in South Korea to Ras Al Khair Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Upon its arrival in Dammam, 172 axle lines on SCHEUERLE SPMTs belonging to transportation specialists Almajdouie were waiting to take delivery. Almajdouie's main scope of work was to receive the evaporator units at the Ras Al Khair jetty from the delivery vessel, roll off onto shore, transport and finally position onto thesite foundation.

Altogether, 688 tyres began to move in order to lift the 4,891 t load from the pontoon. The final destination of the 124 m long, 34 m wide and 12 m high installation is the "Ras Al Khair", sea water desalination facility - a distance of 2 km - which is operated by the "Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)" in Saudi Arabia. The US $ 1.5 billion dollar project is designed to produce enough drinking water to supply around 3.5 million people. All participants in the project have been preparing for this transport for many months. A masterpiece of logistics that could have only been realized through the perfect cooperation of all those involved in the project.Totally 5 evaporators of same weight and dimension have been moved successfully by now and Almajdouie expects to move the remaining three evaporators by first quarter of 2013.

Manufacturer of the self propelled heavy duty vehicles (SPMTs) is Pfedelbach-based SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH (member of the TII Group) that developed the first SPMT 30 years ago and is today the worldwide market leader with this type of vehicle. Numerous world records have already been set in daily operations in many countries with the heavy-duty vehicles from the Swabian manufacturer. Founded in 1965, the Almajdouie company has now secured an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first private Saudi company with this record-breaking road transport. The transportation was being carried out by two arms of Almajdouie Logistics, Almajdouie Heavylift and Almajdouie PSC Heavy Lift (MPSC). MPSC is the joint venture with Fagioli group of Italy.

SPMTs from SCHEUERLE are based on the experience gained through the development and production of more than 6,000 axle lines. The use of Scheuerle SPMTs in connection with SCHEUERLE-developed control technology allows precision positioning of heavy loads. The individual modular units can be coupled together as required, can be coupled mechanically or be freely arranged to cover an area of 600 m x 600 m. SCHEUERLE control technology guarantees synchronised steering of all transportation units integrated in the vehicle group. The electronically controlled multi-directional steering developed by SCHEUERLE ensures that the modular transporters are extremely flexible and manoeuvrable. The whole combination is controlled with only one remote control.
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