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Inauguration of the new waterbus passenger boat

Informacje firmowe, 2012-10-05

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Mrs Ingrid de Bondt, province of South Holland
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The new Waterbus
The "MERWEDAM" was christened on Friday September 28th in Dordrecht by Mrs Ingrid de Bondt, Deputy of Transport of the province of South Holland.

This new Waterbus built by Alu Marine complements the existing fleet of Waterbus network. Waterbus is the largest ferry public transport network in Holland. Together with partner Aqualiner in Rotterdam the 11 ferries run 365 days a year.
The newest Waterbus, called « MERWEDAM », operates daily several ferry services in Holland between Rotterdam and Dordrecht as in the Drechtsteden. This network with 13 stop lies in one of the busiest shipping areas in Europe. One of the most used routes is between the cities Papendrecht and Dordrecht, the oldest city of Holland. This new boat is specifically designed for this route.

Efficient design and layouts for faster operations
The majority of the passengers bring their bikes on board during the 7 minutes crossing. The current fast ferry catamarans and their layout that are used on this route, makes them less suitable in busy moments. These catamarans must also sail a longer distance between the two stops because of their speed. With the double-ended MERWEDAM, a large efficiency gain will be made. This new boat will carry up to200 passengers and 80 bikes on the large deck and the load and unloading will go much faster and easier thanks to the 4 wide gangways.
This 23meters boat has the particularity of being able to move equally in both directions without having to turn around, reducing the operating time and fuel consumption. The wheelhouse offers a 360-degreeview to the pilot and is equipped with a twin steering console and a swivelling seat for manoeuvring from either side.

Low consumption
«MERWEDAM» is an aluminum catamaran. The lighter weight and hull design makes low water resistance that results in lighter engines. Indeed, this boat carrying 200 passengers is exceptionally light, ensuring low power consumption and excellent manoeuvrability, thanks to her two 160 HP Veth azimuth thrusters, driven by Sisu engines. Waterbus will allow to drop fuel consumption by33% of the normal average usage of the current Waterbus ferries(for 80 to 25 litres/hour).

Durability and easy maintenance
The superstructure is not painted but partially stickered and in many aspects recycled materials were used. Only LED-lighting is used and the choice for aluminium allows for fewer maintenance materials.

Choice of the shipyard
Waterbus approached7shipyards in the European Union during the tender process. Alu Marine shipyard from France offered the optimal experience in aluminum ferries and patrol vessels for the French navy.

Main characteristics
Lenght: 23.00 m
Beam: 8.20 m
Draft: 1.70 m
Propulsion power: 2x 160 HP Veth drives
Engines: 2x 180 HP SISU Service
speed: 11.8 knots
The MERWEDAM is built under the latest classifications and regulations.
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