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UltralightCombi from SCHEUERLE successfully used in daily operations for the past year. Lightweight - flexible - can be used Europe-wide!

Informacje firmowe, 2012-09-13

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At the port, the nacelle is loaded onto the UltralightCombi from SCHEUERLE with the help of a crane.
It is light and can be used in all European countries: in numerous daily operations, the UltralightCombi from SCHEUERLE has proved itself to be a customer-oriented transport solution with the Dutch logistics specialists, Ter Linden Transport b.v.

Since the market launch of the UltralightCombi series with its module variants U0-U2 from SCHEUERLE a year ago, a large number of transport operations have been successfully carried out with the help of this lightweight series. In addition to the low tare weight per pendulum axle line, this modular vehicle concept and the combination with existing InterCombi and EuroCombi lines from SCHEUERLE allows flexible and thus cost-effective use of the lightweight model range. The Dutch specialist for wind power components, Ter Linden, relies primarily on the SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi U1 in a 3+4 combination in order to optimally carry out cross-border heavy load transportation throughout Europe.

The transport order of Ter Linden to move 71-tonne nacelles, however, presented engineers at SCHEUERLE with a new challenge: the heavyweight cargo had to be transported from Denmark to Germany and then on to France. As these countries are subject to a range of different legal guidelines, solving the customer´s transportation problem was a tricky assignment. In Germany, for example, the maximum axle load must not exceed the statutory 12 t. In France, however, a gross combination weight of 120 t is decisive because it means a transport can be carried out without a police escort. A transporter solution had to be developed by SCHEUERLE which took into account the different country-specific regulations to ensure economical optimisation of the task ahead. Ter Linden placed its trust on the long-standing expertise of SCHEUERLE and was extremely pleased with the realization of the required specification. Once again, SCHEUERLE proved its strength to react flexibly to meet customer requirements.

The basic combination design of the UltralightCombi from SCHEUERLE consists of a 3-axle compact dolly, loading deck for the 71 t nacelle and a 4-axle platform trailer at the rear. For the journey through Germany, Ter Linden coupled a 2-axle EuroCombi L2 - taken from the company´s fleet of vehicles - to the rear trailer unit. In this way, it is possible to reduce the axle line loads to well below 12 t. On the border to France, the 2-axle EuroCombi L2 unit is finally decoupled. The short vehicle variant provided an optimal solution in order to successfully negotiate the numerous roundabouts in France without any problems. Thanks to its very low tare weight of 2,400kg per pendulum axle line along with being fully compatibility with its EuroCombi L2 fleet, the UltraLight Combi U1 proved to be the perfect solution to fulfill the special requirements put forward by Ter Linden. In the end, SCHEUERLE succeeded in optimizing the gross combination weight, including tractor and the 71 t nacelle, to 118 t.

The SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi series includes three weight-optimized module variants and can therefore be used in all European countries. The UltralightCombi U0 version is fully compatible with the SCHEUERLE InterCombi S0 series. Due to its small vehicle width of 2.55 m, it can be moved on the roads throughout Europe when unloaded without requiring any approval. The set of 245/70 R17.5 tyres on the pendulum axles allows a 12 t axle load at 80 km/h.

The UltralightCombi U1 module type, however, is fully compatible with SCHEUERLE vehicles of the EuroCombi L2 series and, though the use of 285/70 R19.5 tyres, even allows an axle load of 13.4 t at 80km/h which, for example, is advantageous for transport assignments in the Netherlands.

The UltralightCombi U2 version - again weight-optimized - has the lowest tare weight per axle line. The platform trailers likewise have a vehicle width of 2.55 m and can therefore be perfectly adapted to suit the increasingly critical registration requirements and authorization processes of the different countries. This variant is recommended in particular for combined transport tasks handling payloads in the region of 100 t.

The UltralightCombi U0 and U1 modules are especially well-accepted by those customers who already have SCHEUERLE equipment from InterCombi and EuroCombi series as they can use the respective product accessories without any problems. Furthermore, K20-type lightweight modules are also available for the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 series which can be coupled.

With its lightweight UltralightCombi series, SCHEUERLE has once again successfully carried out innovative pioneering work. Together with its sister companies, NICOLAS and KAMAG, SCHEUERLE will be revealing more about the heavy-duty combination vehicles in all weight and payload classes at this year's IAA on the open-air area and in Hall 27.

More about the Dutch logistics provider, Ter Linden Transport:
TER LINDEN is a company specialized in the exceptional transport of wind turbines, and the horizontal and vertical transport of heavy goods is also mastered without the slightest difficulty. TER LINDEN started out as a tow and salvation company for trucks and since the early nineties has specialized in the transport of wind turbines. In the meantime, the company is among the leading European specialist transport companies, especially in the wind industry.

More about the companies of the TII Group:
Transporters from SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG are recognised across the world for their advanced technology and special product quality. Reliability in daily use, high load capacity and a long working life make the vehicles a very important component of modern logistical operations. The history of vehicle technology for heavy transport vehicles is closely connected with the names of SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG. The companies combine tradition and innovation and belong to the company group of Heilbronn entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier. The TII Group - Transporter Industry International is world market leader in development and production of heavy duty transporters.
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