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The worlds greatest super sport yacht, Sovereign 105m by NEDSHIPGROUP

Informacje firmowe, 2012-07-30

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We are pleased to unveil the launch of our largest Super Yacht design. The new era for Super Sport Yachts is continuing after the launch of our Strand-Craft designs a few days ago. The 105m Sovereign will combine the sporting touch with the accommodation of a Giga Yacht and offers lots of variations, guest amenities and owner surprises. The construction will be managed and market by Ned Ship Group and styled by Gray Design.

This outstanding yacht is a unique pearl on the sea and combines sports styling, huge volumes, good performance and lots of entertainment that a yacht must have in the +100m range of super yachts. And last but not least with a special “James Bond” factor.
Some specifications are:
• 105m design depending on the final specs
• Beam 18m
• From 2 x 8.000 hp (+23kn) up to 3 x 10.000 hp MTU for +30 kn (depending on the final weight)
• Range approximately 6.000 nm
• Master upper deck suite with approx. 400 sqm
• Private master outside deck (could be in combination with a private pool)
• Various guest GA from 6 VIP guest suites (each around 60 sqm and with its own balcony) or up to 14 smaller guest suites.
• 1 or 2 swimming pools (8 x 4.5m)
• Heli pad
• 70 sqm cinema
• Big gym with massage salon, hamam and sauna,
• Golf patch and several other natural sceneries
• 1 impressive central staircase with an elevator and 2 service staircases
• Lots of lounge and guest areas (Internet café, library, Piano corner, beach club, ….)
• Full beam garage for up to 15m tenders and lots of toys as well as cars.
• Lots of balconies (at least 8 )

The Sovereign is designed for leisure and luxury use, amazing entertainment, high value lifestyle and last but not least a unique appearance that will make the yacht stand out wherever she is seen. There will be nothing missing on this yacht.
More than 5.000 sqm of usable space offers all kinds of amenities and the yacht will be ready for all kind of events, either private or most likely business.
To get a first impression on the size, the volume and the openings of this masterpiece, please have a look at the YouTube movie.

Inside, the luxury styling follows the extraordinary appearance of the exterior with an entrance foyer like a luxury hotel, lots of lounges, bars, music and entertainment corners. A huge gym with wellness center in combination with a relaxation bar and the beach club will be the perfect place to unwind after important business meetings.
The guests will find themselves in very spacious suites, separated into a bedroom, bathroom and an extra lounge for each suite. In addition, of course, each suite will have its own foldable balcony.
The spacious garage is located on the lower deck, in addition to the 70 sqm Cinema. At 15m long and a full beam of 18m, it is more than enough space for all toys the owner wants to have on board.
For special needs, there is also a version available with an additional heli pad on the bow which has an integrated heli hangar, so that for events with a couple of hundred guests, 2 helicopters can serve the yacht within a short space of time.
The yacht will have a basic engine configuration with a performance of 23 kn and can do, depending on the final weight and engines, more than 30 kn. This, combined with a range of more than 6.000 nm, means there will be virtually no limits for this yacht.
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YouTube movie about Sovereign
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